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Is a Retractable Dog Lead the Safest Option?

Posted by David Lee on

As a dog owner, taking your dog for walks regularly is absolutely essential. No matter the size of your dog, these animals are definitely not keen on being kept cooped up and absolutely love to get outside for a walk in order to play and explore. When walking your dog, their safety should be high up on your priority list. When choosing a lead for your dog, the safety factors should be one of your most important considerations.

Retractable Leads and Safety

Are retractable leads safer for your dog, or will they simply put them more at risk? When it comes to the retractable dog lead, dog owners tend to have some mixed opinions. Whilst some swear by their retractable lead and would never use another type of lead for their dog, others believe that it could lead to possible lack of control for the owner. But, there is no denying that a retractable dog lead gives you the option to allow your dog to roam and explore freely when walking whilst still having control over them as the owner, which is much safer than allowing them to roam free.

Safety of Others

When walking your dog, you might need to take into consideration the safety of others. This doesn’t always necessarily mean that your dog is dangerous, either; many dogs can hurt other dogs or even people by accident. When using a retractable dog lead, the safety of other animals and humans should be taken into consideration. Always choose a retractable lead which can be easily locked or shortened on your end to put a distance between your dog and the person or animal who might be at risk.

Lead Safety

Of course, no matter which type of lead that you choose for your dog, it’s up to you as the owner to make sure that your dog is walked in a safe environment and that steps are taken to promote the safety of not just your animal but others in the environment. When using a retractable lead, it’s crucial that you know exactly how to use the lead safely without hurting your dog or anybody else.

Choosing the right lead is essential for happy, fun and safe dog walking!

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